COVID-19 – Temporary suspension of returns

COVID-19 – Temporary suspension of returns

COVID-19:  Temporary suspension of parts and carcasses returns


Dear customers,

Due to recent pandemic events and in order to ensure that we serve our customers well despite current conditions, we will not accept any return of new parts and carcasses at our branches, as well as upon delivery.

We hope you understand that these exceptional measures are only intended to optimize the course of our operations and that they are temporary. We will notify you as soon as the situation is restored.

Thank you for your understanding,
– The Kenworth Montreal Group



Communication to all our customers and suppliers

Communication to all our customers and suppliers

COVID-19:  Groupe Kenworth Montréal’s preventive measures


Dear customers and suppliers,

For the very first time, Quebec declared a public health emergency on Saturday March 14, just days after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic.
We are aware that this particular situation can raise several questions with our customers as well as our suppliers.
The purpose of this document is to provide answers to questions you may have.
Please not that, as the situation changes from day to day, all the information mentioned in this communication may become obsolete overnight depending on the progression of the pandemic and the new measures taken by our governments.


Change in opening hours

Starting today, our Kenworth branch in St-Jérôme will have its hours of operation slightly reduced according to the following schedule:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

This change is temporary and for an indefinite period.
The TRP branch in Vaudreuil will find its regular schedule:

Monday to Friday: 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Measures taken in our branches

Several new measures have been taken in all of our branches to follow up on health directives dictated by the Legault government during the latest press conferences. Here are a few:

– Regular cleaning of the handles and all surfaces at risk of contamination by our maintenance employees. Our staff is working to ensure increased vigilance in cleaning the premises, in addition to the staff who we ask to do the same with regard to their workstation, espacially when it is shared by more than one employee at a time;

– Gloves available for all our employees in contact with possibly contaminated surfaces, such as the steering wheels of heavy vehicles as well as any object coming from outside and having to be handled by an employee;

– Disinfectant provided to all teams for cleaning common busy work areas;

– Installation of a yellow tape on the ground, in front of the technical advisers and the parts clerks. This indicates the distance to be respected between the customer and the employee. This measure is also part of Mr. Legault’s recommandation regarding the minimum safe distance of at least one (1) meter.
As a temporary measure, we also ask customers and employees not to shake hands to limit the risk of contamination;

– Always in order to respect the minimum safe distance of at least one (1) meter between people circulating in the company, we have reorganized our cafeterias’ seating arrangement and asked employees to keep a certain distance during breaks and lunch time;

– We ask that customers’ visits to the branch be limited when possible. However, we have made sure that our employees are available to serve our customers’ needs by phone and email;

– Temporarily, our parts/service and truck sales representatives have been asked to work from home and no longer visit their customers in person unless absolutely necessary, in order to slow the progression curve of the pandemic;

– We also ask that our suppliers do not show up at our workplaces unless absolutely necessary and with approved appointments setup by the employee of the company who is supposed to meet them;

– Where possible, employees of our company who are able to do so are encouraged to work at home until further notice.

We invite you to consult our website at as well as our Facebook page for any changes in the course of our operations. You can also reach us by phone for any additional questions.

Thank you for your understanding,

– Groupe Kenworth Montréal

514 735-2581

Parts: dial 1

Service: dial 2

Administration: dial 3

Sales:  dial 4

450 887-1120

Parts: dial 1

Service: dial 2

Sales:  dial 3

450 431-4680

Parts: dial 1

450 510-3847

450 661-2666

Parts call center

Kenworth : 1 844 363-6363

TRP : 1 844 777-0774

Groupe Kenworth Montréal winner of the Gold Award

Groupe Kenworth Montréal winner of the Gold Award

Nothing less than the Gold Award !

SAINT-LAURENT (Quebec) – Last week took place the annual Kenworth dealer meeting, a gala bringing together all dealers in North America and congratulating thos who had stood out the best in the previous year.

Our general manager, Mike Parent, was in Santa Barbara to represent Kenworth Montreal, which was awarded the prestigious Gold Award, among five other dealers.

This recognition, whish is the result of the combined performance of all our departments, is also the product of long business relationships with some of you.  We are grateful to all of our loyal customers and thank you today for all these years of loyalty.

We would also like to thank our colleagues Isabelle Gendron, Alan Thompson, Stéphane Audet, Luc Dompierre and Tommy Gaudreault for their support to our sales teams, as well as PacLease Montreal for their contribution to our success.

Finally, we would like to congratulate our colleagues from the South Shore – Kenworth Maska – who also won the Gold Award this year!


Shown on the photo above, Mike Parent surrounded by the manager of the Canadian division and the leaders of Kenworth Maska:  Nicolas Letendre (Kenworth Maska), Alan Thompson (Kenworth Truck Company), Pierre Letendre, Mike Parent, Sébastien and Samuel Letendre.



A remarkable presence in the CES 2020 show

A remarkable presence in the CES 2020 show

PACCAR unveils three new models

SAINT-LAURENT (Quebec) – This week takes place the CES in Las Vegas, one of the biggest exhibitions in terms of technological innovation.  PACCAR, which is slowly becoming a leader in autonomous commercial vehicles and alternative powertrains, took advantage of its presence on Tuesday to unveil its three most recent trucks to the public:  a Level 4 autonomous Kenworth T680; a battery-electric Peterbilt Model 520EV; and a battery-electric Kenworth K270E.  These trucks, exposed at the PACCAR booth, are designed for multiple commercial applications:  over-the-road goods transportation, refuse collection and urban distribution.


The T680 model presented this week at CES shows PACCAR’s commitment to invest in the development of a technology which is tending to gain more and more importance in the heavy vehicles world, that of autonomous driving.

Stephan Olsen, PACCAR Innovation Center general manager, noted, ”The PACCAR Innovation Center in Silicon Valley has become a central player in the truck innovation ecosystem.  Peterbilt and Kenworth are the clear trucks of choice among the leading independant autonomous driving technology developers.  We look forward to deepening our productive partnerships with these innovatice companies in the future.”

Regarding Peterbilt’s 520EV Model, it is currently being tested by customers, collecting garbage in the residential and commercial sectors.  PACCAR expects to deliver Model 520EV trucks to customers in 2021.

Kenworth’s electric model meanwhile, would be the ideal truck for local delivery and pickup due to its range options between 100 and 200 miles.  Kenworth expects to deliver K270E trucks to customers in 2020.


Battery maintenance and optimization

Battery maintenance and optimization


Batteries should be inspected at regular intervals for loose cables and connections and for any other problem that may contribute to premature failure.  We recommend performing a visual inspection and battery charge level test at each regular maintenance visit to identify and repair any problems before they escalate to failure.


Your vehicle’s deep cycle battery has now reached the end of its useful life and you plan to replace it with a more affordable starter battery.  But what would be the potential impact on the return on your investment by replacing your deep cycle battery with a starter battery?

Modern trucks operate as recreational vehicles working in the transportation of goods and whose energy demand exceeds the capacity of a starter battery.  When conventional batteries fail prematurely, the impact on your business could be far greater than the cost of replacing the battery.



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