Nothing less than the Gold Award !

SAINT-LAURENT (Quebec) – Last week took place the annual Kenworth dealer meeting, a gala bringing together all dealers in North America and congratulating thos who had stood out the best in the previous year.

Our general manager, Mike Parent, was in Santa Barbara to represent Kenworth Montreal, which was awarded the prestigious Gold Award, among five other dealers.

This recognition, whish is the result of the combined performance of all our departments, is also the product of long business relationships with some of you.  We are grateful to all of our loyal customers and thank you today for all these years of loyalty.

We would also like to thank our colleagues Isabelle Gendron, Alan Thompson, Stéphane Audet, Luc Dompierre and Tommy Gaudreault for their support to our sales teams, as well as PacLease Montreal for their contribution to our success.

Finally, we would like to congratulate our colleagues from the South Shore – Kenworth Maska – who also won the Gold Award this year!


Shown on the photo above, Mike Parent surrounded by the manager of the Canadian division and the leaders of Kenworth Maska:  Nicolas Letendre (Kenworth Maska), Alan Thompson (Kenworth Truck Company), Pierre Letendre, Mike Parent, Sébastien and Samuel Letendre.



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